The Dangling Tree

The Dangling Tree

Bulging eyes gaze forth into fate
The rope twists and turns gaping hate
Embrace the shadows yawning night
Surrender forth the bonds of strife
Twist and turn from gallows wane
The winds of time heart profane
For in this edge of self-sacrifice
Lies but the symbol of one life

Is this all there is cries he
Burning into raging sea
And in that moment of heart unsung
Strings the neck of willow done
Dangling from the burning hallow
Cries forth the sorrow of the marrow

Deep with the wretched bone
His heart withers breaking tome
The book of soul is writ within
And this time there is no one in
Emptiness fills up the soul
Cast down from grace lonely hole
Within that breech nothing falls

So our time in hallowed halls
Breaks in end of dangling rope
For inside there was just no more hope
Gazing into sorrow eyes
Bulging with creators lies
My heart weeps and time will tell
What burden this carries well
For in the end there is but one
And all shall feel when end is done

-John Cooper,
March 31 2013 in memory of those I have seen hung and gone from this earth.

Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC 3.0) – You are free to share, remix and adapt this work for any non-commercial purpose so long as it is attributed to the author. For more information contact John at

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