Spiritual Practices for White Discomfort

Spiritual Practices for White Discomfort

Spiritual Practices for White Discomfort

I think my favorite is “When judgment comes up, try turning to curiosity…”

Yeah, happens all day long in chaplaincy.  All day long…

Great article.   Want to add it here.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Practices for White Discomfort

  1. Susan Cooper

    It IS a great article. Awhile ago I found a place somewhere on the web that offered a “test” one could take to see the level of “acceptance” you were at – so I took it and was really, really surprised to find out that, according to that test, I really need to focus much more on curiosity!! Judgement runs deep….our education, our society, our culture prizes individuality and personal success. That learning is hard to bend. Thanks, John. It IS a great article.

    1. Coop

      Recently I have been contemplating the idea that “acceptance” is not enough. Tolerance is stage 1; we can tolerate and still dislike. Acceptance is stage 2; we can accept but not be curious. Welcoming I think is stage 3; when we welcome, we are curious, we celebrate differences, we listen to each other, we display hospitality and curiosity and we hope that those we welcome will feel blessed and included. I think that perhaps where our Unitarian Universalist faith needs to lead now in this world is from a place of acceptance to a place of welcoming.

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