Speak, I Will Hear

Speak, I Will Hear

When you speak I hear
The pitter-patter of little feet
And somewhere on the wind
God, she giggles
For in those words of tongue
That emerge from your heart-song
I realize once and for all
That I have no idea
What on Earth you are talking about

Still there in your eyes I hear her
That whisper sings songs of grace
And I know that He is whispering
There in the ear upon your soul
And songs dance behind those eyes
So yet who I am I to try
To silence Her beloved voice
Even though it makes no sense
When I hear it through you.

Beloved one, source of all things
Wanderer who travels heart to heart
Soul to soul, we sing to thee
With all our wondrous yet
Myriad ways and in our unity
We know that many, many songs
Make some melody there hidden
If we could just hear the dissonance
We would hear your heart.

So there we go listening again
Trying to find in the space between
That amazing grace of joy
Knowing that YOU cannot be held
In the voice of one being and yet
Therein is our mystery
For each voice holds all
Though together, they match not

So we walk our walks and sing our ways
Longing to understand the many pieces
Of broken love wandering in creation
Yet there we know that ours is not
To know. Ours is but to listen
Into that dissonance of unmatched
Grace that speaks of love to each soul
As if all were one voice, even though
Sometimes all we hear around here
Is noisy nonsense

By John Cooper
Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC 3.0) – You are free to share, remix and adapt this work for any non-commercial purpose so long as it is attributed to the author. For more information contact John at www.gnosticity.com

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