She Walks Through

She Walks Through

She moves in the shadows, whispering quiet tones in hushed voices
Our loud, clanging ways wash over her, hiding
In the quiet spaces between
Try to expect her, I dare you
She comes with a laugh
You hope

When not overheard but listened
Only the brave, the bold
Make their way through
Take the space between
Hold the middle ground
Easy to stand, harder to fall, to let go

Each fallen wounds remembers in stillness
The softness of her voice, the cry
Heart, outrage, and need
We hold the grief-stricken
And she drifts go deeper down
Farther away, feeling close

She holds it up and shines down
Shining hope and mourning star
What can we do but reach for it?
Farther and ever beyond restoration
Except in those small ways
Quiet whispers
Should they be?
To sustain

Glad God I hear her
So very rare
Golden tones on hushed wind
We hold one another
Just glad to have found
One drop
Each moment

By John Cooper
Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC 3.0) – You are free to share, remix and adapt this work for any non-commercial purpose so long as it is attributed to the author. For more information contact John at

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