Quick, Simple Heart-Felt Meditation

Quick, Simple Heart-Felt Meditation

I was just practicing this as I waited for my wife to get ready to head to the gym (we are trying this new morning workout thing). I had turned off the audio book (for once) and was just sitting with the dog…

I got this from a Sufi book written by Puran Khan Bair, whom I had the good fortune to meet at Thanksgiving at my folks in Tucson.

Living from the Heart: Heart Rhythm Meditation for Energy, Clarity, Peace, Joy, and Inner Power

Its a wonderful book. Very unique in its spirit and mysticism. I’ve read a lot of such books over the years, and this one’s on my A-list.
The meditation is absolutely simple, incredibly relaxing and very challenging. Sit (or stand) in a relaxed position, slow your breathing and pay attention to your breaths. As thoughts arise, just let them go. Just try to pay attention without thinking or interpreting. Shift attention to your body, where the aches are, where it feels relaxed, the pressure from sitting or standing. Again, try not to interpret or think. Just let the thoughts go. Then let your attention shift to the sounds you hear, but try not to interpret them. Just pay attention to their rise and fall, the rhythms they make, the noises, not their meaning. The point of this meditation is to practice experience without interpretation. It helps to grow our awareness, our ability to notice and attend without interpretation.

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