Journey Hal·le·lu·jah

Journey Hal·le·lu·jah

From soft moment, breath held tentative

Praise rises with, first word sung



Raised high in song, in but one word, that word

His face singing a lifetime I hear.


Join with, being with, hearing all, knowing

Moments through all of a life, each one

Blessing me, sharing joy, generations gone



Eyes brim full singing, I can all but feel him

His voice singing praise, elbow touching mine

Knowing smile.

It was like that before he was even gone

With this one song, one word, praise

Hope, gift, creation, love, all

Distilled into One, I see rapture in his eyes



Though here no more, presence stronger now

Sung for joyful farewell of yet another kind

In hope that ache, this breaking bond gone

Will make space for reason of loss

Creation, never ending, needs room.



Song raised skyward where mountains wander

Filling blue sky, soul feet fear not to tread

Weep not for the end, beloved cry

Shed tears for beauty found

Each journey made but once, walked unique

One step beautiful, in its own



Still his voice with, and We sing fond farewell

Bless them for the journey

My heart whispers to him, and his voice

Sings to others somewhere else

Where I barely hear through some veil

Still it is enough to hear words echo

Beyond the pale, into eternity

With his smile, blessing their journey

A word rings All time, Once more



© 2018, John D. Cooper

(With gratitude to Mary Lou Prince for an eternal connection to the beyond.  Hallelujah)

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