In the Dissonance

In the Dissonance

I do not remember the start
What was it like?  Unity?  Knowing?

I have stood at the edge of darkness
Screaming into the space between the skies
Burning with hungry questions
Are YOU there?
Why did you leave us so alone?
So separate…

What I see in a mirror, not always pleasing
Sometimes, it even disturbs me.
It can be hard to see your reflection there.

Then, I hear the others
Really hear them
Really see them
When I can listen
When my own shadow
Is not covering my ears
Blinding my eyes.

Is that YOU talking there?
So passionate
So many different eyes, ears
So many ways to see the world
Incredible voices, songs, dance
Such difference, such dissonance
Like a chord waiting to be resolved
Just hanging there, everyday thread
Ringing, together, their small voices
Sounding out greater than their part.

The shards are everywhere,
Every voice, each gaze, every heart.

And I wonder why we all don’t see it
We fight.
Like YOU are hiding from yourself
In all that noise.  What kind of game is this?

We disagree, strike out, bob, weave
Hedge, avoid, la-la-la I cannot hear YOU…
How is it that in our disagreement
We fail to hear the music
The cacophonous sound singing

Right or wrong, up or down, side or side
Each religious text, every single sacred word
Each disagreeing vision, all that noise
Every noisy voice, cluster of movement
Cries out to be believed
To be cherished, loved
Like every dissonant heart.

By John Cooper
Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC 3.0) – You are free to share, remix and adapt this work for any non-commercial purpose so long as it is attributed to the author. For more information contact John at

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