Illusion of Weakness Sermon

Illusion of Weakness Sermon

This sermon is a bit out there.  I went out on a limb and gave a sermon as a guised archetype…guising is a form of mystical trance where you draw down a character.  I wrote and delivered the sermon as Li Tei Quai, a Taoism immortal of Chinese kung-fu legend.  I won’t put up the PDF because frankly the written version loses something, so watch the videos if you are interested.

Illusion of Weakness Sermon — Part 1 (First 10 Minutes)

Illusion of Weakness Sermon — Part 2 (Second 10 Minutes)

Illusion of Weakness Meditation/Prayer

Resound Singing One Tin Soldier

Enjoy.  It was surprisingly well-received, considering that it was a bit out there.  I’ll post the children’s story and meditation videos too, as soon as I figure out how to turn them right-side up so I am not speaking on my head.


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