I Stand with Them

I Stand with Them


Read it.  I have a fellow seminarian who’s Methodist jurisdiction has been bold enough to stand up for their LGBTQ members by declaring that paragraph 161F in their Book of Discipline is immoral and unjust.

This is a bold, brave and courageous move.  I am deeply inspired and impressed with these people.  To me, this is prophetic work, the work of speaking truth to power.  They have the support of my heart, soul and prayers.

2 thoughts on “I Stand with Them

  1. Shaun

    That totally coridtnicts the bible and heaven being a spiritual place you go too to walk with God and his holy servents. I’m not a version of me at peace with everything . Your 16 word assessment on God doesnt account for the vastness of the bible or the universe. God is unfathomable mainly because the enitity doesnt exist. Infact all gods dont actually exist. They convey a spirit which man/men have possessed and have been documented. For instance Deimos the god of fear.

    1. Coop

      Shaun: Not sure why you responded to “I Stand With Them” with this definition of God. I do have to disagree with your statements about the biblical definition of “heaven” as not entirely accurate, there’s actually precious little in the bible about “heaven” there’s much more about the “kingdom” which if you cross reference Thomas and Magdaline, is very different than our modern concept of “heaven” By the way, “Hell” too was actually a garbage dump outside a city…. I find dismissing “God” as just a psychological construct to be simplistic. Human life goes beyond consciousness. Spend some time with a person trying to recover from a brain injury, and you’ll see them inside there, amidst the disorganized thoughts, trying to reform. Its humbling and sobering, because it makes plain that we are more than our minds, and that creation is larger even than us.

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