God Doesn’t Want You to Know if You have Cancer

God Doesn’t Want You to Know if You have Cancer


This is the kind of moronic mob-mind thinking that happens when you don’t actually read and interpret scripture and your relationship to the divine through a sense of conscience.

I like this quote:

“Last year, a shipment of pink Bibles were recalled after the publishing house behind them realized that by supporting Komen, they were kinda sorta supporting mammograms for poor women who received services from Planned Parenthood and thus kinda sorta supporting abortions, which is totally consistent with how “pro life” groups also make extra careful sure that none of their money goes to support “pro death” things like war or sweatshops or poverty or animal cruelty.”

The issue here is not that some people are “pro-life” which in and of itself is a bit insulting, suggesting that the alternative is what, “pro-abortion?”  Who’s “pro-abortion?”  Nonsense.  Really what “pro-life” means is “I get to decide your morality for you, and what you value, and are going to do with yourself.”

Anyway; that’s not even the point.  The point here is that pressuring an organization to stop delivering cancer screenings that SAVE lives because you disagree with something else they do is like beating up somebody’s sister because her brother beat up your dog.

Its so far outside of the concept of right relationship; of facing our disagreements and challenges directly that any metaphor seems absurd, and the idea that anyone who knew anything about the teachings of Christ would be so indirect and manipulative is koo-koo. (I could not think of an adequate word that I would write in a public blog)


I really hope we (humanity) figures out how to be nice, kind and caring for one-another…because attacking funding for cancer screenings isn’t any of those things, no matter who’s name is on the banners of the crusade.


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